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I can find it, I cannot figure out how to summarize it!

Question asked by wjpatterson937 on Dec 15, 2011
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I am working of a report which contains numerous date fields.


I have establshed four date fields as the critical tracking points.


I want to summarize the values for each of the fileds by week to show the volume of projects passing through a particular point in time (a week which is genrated by using the "WeekOfYear" calculation on each of the four fields.


I get the results I want at that stage, a single integer representing the week value of a given production process.


I have a layout with the four fields sitting side by side so I can see when an individual project reached each phase of production.


I can search a given field and find out how many projects were "shipped" in week 15 of the year.


What I am after is a layout which will display that kind of summary information for each of the four processes. A example simple table follows:


WeekProject CreatedProject ApprovedProject to VendorProject shipped


This is a device for looking back and establishing a pattern for annual volume.


When I sort the contents based on a single common week the column returns a common value because all the records have data at that point in the process, whatever I sort by returns the appropriate records but the summary field, but my summary field counts the records as identical because the field has a value in record.


To get the above information I went into the table and "found" for the number of records with a "Project Created" value of 15, then found the number of records for "Project Approval" with a value of week 15, and so on.....


I have a sense the answer is within my grasp but I am missing something. I can calculate the week a job reached a certain phase, but when I create a summary field to count the records, it accurately counts the found set, which is based on a common value for the week.

I believe I have tried all the options for the summary field. I can imagine a script to generate and record the numbers, but I would rather solve the problem functionally rather that resort to brute force processing by script.