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    "Number Picker?"


      Has anyone created a "number picker" type display for a file accessed by FM Go?


      The entry in the field will be a number and I'd rather not display the full keyboard.


      Suggestions are appreciated.



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          If you set the field to data type numeric I believe IOS will make that switch for you.


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            You are correct.


            My field is anumber field, and the keyboard displays numbers and other characters - the 123 keyboard.


            I was just hoping for a way to create a carousel type picker with just numbers, only need three places (100's).


            Thanks for the reply.

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              If the numbers the user needs to enter is finite (and not too long) create a value list with those values and display it with a popup or drop down.

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                Alternatively if you do have a large number of options (everything from 100-999 say) you could give the user 3 fields with a value list showing 0-9 for each of them (or more specifically 1-9 for the first field and 0-9 for the other two).


                Then they can construct their 3 digit number by selecting from a list of 9 or 10 values 3 times and you can just use a calculated field to put the 3 fields together for the final result.


                It may be a little bit clunky, and does involve having to enter data 3 times, but that may be preferable to having to pick from a massive list of numbers?





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                  Hmmm, I think I understand what you're after (refer to attached image) but this is a function of the IOS source code, input type = "number," and not a function of FM Go. Unless there would be a way to call that from a script... - but that's out of my league!



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                    Hi Michele,


                    One of the demo's that I saw at our local developer group several years ago during the FMTouch days was the use of individual buttons as single digits for entering numeric data. The response was so sluggish as to be almost unusable.


                    FMGo won't likely suffer that same issue but I'd still expect the numeric keypad to be more responsive for data input than any alternative interface. You will likely have to make that comparison should you decide on an alternative to the keypad.





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                      Good ideas, thanks for replies Jonathan, Paul and Mdenyse.


                      Let me add a bit more information. Perhaps you will think of something I cannot see at this point.


                      The user will be entering quantities of supplies used on a job. The user will be on an iPad.


                      My plan is to give them a similar experience to the one they have now with paper and pencil. They have a sheet of paper with the possible supplies listed (grouped by type, over 200 items). On the sheet, they enter on the quantity of the supply (nut, bolt, etc.) used. The quantity can be 1 to 999, but commonly in the 1 to 50 range.


                      The keyboard just takes up too much real estate, so I am trying to figure a way around it.




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                        Hmmm, what if you put a selection of buttons on the layout above/below/next to the Quantity field.


                        -100   -10   -5   -1  CLEAR  +1   +5   +10   +100 (or whatever you decide will be the best range of options).


                        Clicking on each of the buttons will run a script to add/subtract the amount shown on the button from the Quantity field.


                        I am thinking of the way some microwaves work where they don't give the option of entering a specific number but instead the option of incrementing the time by a set interval.


                        Obviously this will require a few clicks to get the exact number they are interested in, but should take up less real estate than showing the full keyboard.