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    Strikethrough for portal Row


      Hello All;


      I am trying to accomplish a strikethrough in order to show a particular item was paid for in an order .


      Eg. Just for kitchen staff to see not to BAke lets say 4 cupcakes. But the rest of lineitems are printed,etc


      Or would this be accomplished by something differently. I am trying to conditionally format, but nothing i do is working.





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          Hi Ian,


          What determines whether a lineitem was paid for in an order or not?  Is it based upon the order total being 0 or ?


          On your field, if you use Formula = Orders::Balance > 0


          ... and then below select Strikeout, it should work fine.  But it will strike out all lineitems.  What makes one lineitem different from the others?

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            Nothing to do with balance / cash really. What it is is customer is placing order and decided to get some items while in store. Sometimes they just put a "Deposit" down,etc


            I am thinking to put in a simple (tag) if selected, strikethrough will appear, however do i do


            1. create new field ( ItemPaid = 1 )

            2. conditionally format = if ( itemPaid = 1) = strikethrough


            Problem is ( how do i know which portal row they are on? using the @@ & self Leftvalues (Self; 2 )

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              It is always best to let the logic of the data run your solution and keep it separate from the logic of the UI. 


              Envision:  A User is viewing a portal of LineItems and clicks on portal row 4 to mark it as ‘paid’ or ‘no charge’ or ‘already received’.  This action should set a field (or fields or records) as data.  Conditional formatting can then display the effects of that data.


              Data:  Field or table?  Can anyone click an item as paid?  Or free?  Or 'done'?   I should think you would want to capture the UserID and the date they clicked it but if you do not care then use your ItemPaid (number) field.  If you  want to capture date and user, you could still use one field and write to multiline.  Will Users be allowed to remove this 'ItemPaid'?  Will you ever want to report on this information?  If so then another table is warranted.


              UI:  Once you decide on the best underlying data structure, then you address the User experience. It should be clear to the User that they are marking the item as ‘completed/paid/whatever’. The result of that action can be the description field responding with the appropriate conditional format. As for your concern about which portal you are on ... well, the User must select the Item in the portal row so you know the row you will be on to set the appropriate LineItem record.  And conditional formatting will respond to THAT data within its own record so it is not row-related.


              Remember, Ian, we can only go by the words you present on this thread.  We cannot see your solution so it is important that you give us the 'design specifics' to help us help you. 


              Message was edited by: LaRetta:  Added sentence in bold.  Also added, I would not recommend changing the actual data to strikeout although you could use auto-enter (replace) on the field.  I do not believe in stylizing data, instead controlling display from the layout level. 

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                Hi Ian,


                Define the conditional formatting in the portal. You don't need to know which portal row they are on; you just need to have a means to mark the record so it meets your condition for strikethrough.



                FlagField: a number field, with checkbox entry and a value list of 1: a click enters the 1, a second click removes the 1. The user clicks the box to indicate criteria met.

                TextField: a field with text that you want to display with strikethrough format when FlagField = 1.


                The conditional formatting applied to TextField would read like this:

                PortalName:: FlagField =  1





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                  Perfect. Thank you.