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Xpost Account/privilege set oddity

Question asked by StanMillar on Dec 18, 2011
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Hi all


I have a rather odd situation that I am hoping someone can explain.


I have a privilege set that uses PatternCount ( Get ( AccountName ) ; limitedID ) where limitedID (not the real name of the field) is a text field used to restrict access to records that only have that ID. The same ID can apply to multiple records and access to certain records may change over time. The rights are set or removed in a separate routine.


This works perfectly when accessing files on my server when accessed from within my office. But, and here's the catch, it does not work when accessing those same files when I am accessing them from outside the office.


Watching the Data Viewer when logging on with the restricted privileges, the limitedID field is blank when I know the record I am looking at has the correct limitedID to match the PatternCount ( Get ( AccountName ) ; limitedID ). If I access the same record with full access privileges it shows the correct limitedID as it should.


Any ideas?


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