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    FMP changes database file names


      We have a database that was developed several years ago in FMP6, and a colleague developed a web interface that worked well. The database is now being updated to FMP10 and augmented with additional records. We are finding that when we try to use the web interface to access the updated FMP database, the database handler can't find the right database table within FMP, because FMP keeps changing the name of the database table.


      Any ideas on how we might solve this problem?


      Thanks in advance

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          Stephen Huston

          I gotta ask...


          What do you mean by "FMP keeps changing the name of the database table" ?


          I've never know FMP to change a table name without developer intervention. If someone is changing schema names, that could certainly confuse Custom Web Publishing where such things may be hard-coded into the web code.


          Stephen Huston

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            And I have to ask: What "web interface"? are you using IWP, or CWP in some format?


            Also, you might test the database for corruption (run a DDR will often show "missing" or other errors you didn't think were there).



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              Are you using something other than the API or IWP to attach? Perhaps an ODBC or JDBC connection, and maybe the IP address is changing - the database isn't hosted on a fixed IP server?



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                Hello Stephen


                Thanks for taking the time to answer.  It is time for me to make a

                full disclosure:  I only learned FMP in a hands-on mode (I am an

                architect) so I am not a developer, and I am therefore a bit at sea

                on how to interpret your answer.  There was another colleague who

                developed the original FMP database, with me providing the structured

                search mechanism.   He is no longer available (and he had also

                learned it in an ad-hoc way).  Another colleague, Adrian Rossi, has a

                PhD in IT and he developed the web interface for the FMP 6 system,

                again about 6 years ago.  He had little knowledge of FMP and still

                does not, since he works with larger SQL database systems.   At the

                time, the system worked well and we had it on a server in my office,

                but we have now taken it off because of the problems. According to

                Adrian, the middle tier ran a J2EE application server that connects

                to FMP through a JDBC driver and executes SQL against it. The SQL has

                been updated for themost recently supported syntax of FMP10.


                The database contained 9 files on various aspects of sustainable

                buildings, with a common start file that provides the entry point for

                the other files.  Some of the search parameters were common to all

                files, but each had some custom search terms.  In deciding to make

                the upgrade, we are focusing on one file (the "Documents" file).  We

                have, I think, managed to upgrade this file to the FMP 10 format.

                But when Adrian has recently tried to update the links to the web

                interface, he runs into the problem I originally mentioned, that no

                connection is made and that the name of the database within FMP seems

                to have changed its name (it seems to create temporary copies of

                database files and changes the name of the primary database table so

                that the SQL breaks, being unable to find the correct table).  He

                cannot go further and believes it is because of corruption in the

                file, and that we need an FMP expert to provide advice. Perhaps the

                problem is also partly due to the fact that the other 8 files have

                not been updated.


                  Clearly, we need to have some paid work done, but hopefully fairly

                short-term, since our organisation is a very low-budget NGO, staffed

                by volunteers.  Do you do this kind of work, and what are your terms?

                I could send all the files via FTP if you are available and if we

                agree on terms.


                Many thanks again


                Nils LARSSON, FRAIC

                Executive Director,

                International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment ( iiSBE)


                40 Driveway, Suite 1803

                Ottawa, K2P 2C9, Canada

                Tel:   1 613 232 1600

                Mobile:  1 613  296 1454

                Fax:  1 613 232 7018


                email:  larsson@iisbe.org

                skype:  nilsklarsson









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                >I gotta ask...


                >What do you mean by "FMP keeps changing the name of the database table" ?


                >I've never know FMP to change a table name without developer

                >intervention. If someone is changing schema names, that could

                >certainly confuse Custom Web Publishing where such things may be

                >hard-coded into the web code.


                >Stephen Huston


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                  If it was FMP 6, there's a real chance that the web interface is CDML or Lasso or possibly just IWP (instant web publishing).



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                    Hi Nils,


                    Converting the files from x5 databases (ie v5, 5.5, 6) to x7 databases (ie v7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11) automatically will change the name of the databases... by changing the extension from .fp5 to .fp7.


                    All files in the solution need to be updated... or they won't talk to each other.


                    Check that you have all the necessary drivers configured for ODBC / JDBC. Check that the functions are turned on inside the FileMaker Privilege Sets and that the Server has them turned on.


                    Another other major change relates to the fact that x7 documents can have multiple tables.... whereas they used to have just one. This means the document and the table name needs to be referred to in your calls...


                    Check that (on a mac) your Java settings are compatible... There have been many updates to the OS Java drivers since that time.




                    - Lyndsay