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    IWP - New Window/Tab


      Good Afternoon Everyone,


      I have been searching for months for a solution that would allow IWP to open a new tab/window in browser when a user wants to navigate to a related record. Essentially the file listing would remain static and then the user could work on more than file at a time without having to go back to the original layout via scripting.


      Has anyone found a work around for this?



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          from IWP guide:

          New Window (script step)

          Re: IWP - New Window/TabDoes not open a new physical browser window, but instead opens a new virtual window within the existing browser window. Although each virtual window can display a different layout, table, found set, or sort order as is possible in FileMaker Pro windows, web users can only view one virtual window at a time.


          IWP is basically in a frameset and you cannot have multiple "windows" open, so that you can view them together at the same time. You can have navigation to switch the "frontmost" window, however. Use the Select Window script step, for example.


          If there are ways to use portals to view different "tables", you can try that.