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FMP11 Preloading Save File dialog for export

Question asked by joel.s on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2012 by joel.s

When saving a file as part of an export script, the two choices of either automating the whole process so that the save file dialog never appears (Specify Output File) or fully manual where the user has to do everything, is not quite what I am after.


Is it possible to have the save file dialog be displayed but preload the filename from a local variable, the file type, path and whether the file opens automatically?


For the user, most of the time these presets would be accepted but there will be occasions when a different location or file type is required and it would be a shame to have to provide two paths to saving an export file to handle these alternatives, especially given the errors this will encourage with file name etc.


Ideally, I am thinking that I would like to see a checkbox in the Specify Output File dialog to display the save file dialog or not.


The Export order will always be the same so can be handled without a dialog.