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Peer to peer networking across a networked drive

Question asked by torch_55 on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by torch_55

FileMaker has this warning on it's home page regarding peer-to-peer sharing, "FileMaker issues a warning if you open a file as a host across a networked drive and the recommended configuration is to locate the files on 'your computer".


The problem with this is that a local drive on a computer is usually not backed up by the network. Where as a network drive is usually backed up nightly. I have hosted a database located on a network drive in a peer-to-peer sharing configuration and have not had any problems. I would appreciarte any experiences that other have with doing peer-to-peer sharing. For instance FileMaker warns that hosting a database can cause performance issues on teh host computer if it is used for other things as well. Again I have doen this without significant issues. Annyone else?


Thanks for your comments.