FileMaker Calendar and iCal Sync On Sale

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SeedCode's year-end sale


If you're still using more than one calendar app, or trying to get by with something in Excel, come in from the cold and run your calendar in FileMaker. Start off 2012 with a multi-user caledar you can trust: built in FileMaker, easily modifyable, and syncing to iCal and/or Google Calendar.


Check out the sale here: SeedCode Calendar and Zulu Calendar Sync On Sale through Dec 31.




- John



Year End Sale



Tip 1: Use FileMaker for Calendaring

Link our Pro Calendar with your other FileMaker files


"A man with two watches never knows what time it is." - And the same is true of calendars. Our bolt-on FileMaker calendar lets you track all your events and calendars in one place. Built solely in FileMaker Pro (no plugins required), it's well documented and easy to modify and extend.


Completely unlocked, site license: $269.00 on sale for 20% off: $215.00




Tip 2: Sync with iCal, iPhone, and Google Calendar

For users who are out of the office or don't have FMP


Zulu Calendar Sync publishes your FileMaker events to iCal, iPhone and Google Calendar. So folks out of the office can not only check their calendar (live) but can edit and create events as well (requires FileMaker Server).


Zulu unlocks the productivity of your team.


Workgroup license (up to 5 calendars): $299.00 on sale for 20% off: $239.00


Enterprise license (any number of calendars): $689.00 on sale for 20% off: $551.00




Tip 3: Buy Both for 25% Off

SeedCode Calendar and Zulu Bundle


Use Zulu and SeedCode Calendar together to create a seamless scheduling and calendar system across desktops, iPhones, iCal and the web.


Calendar plus Zulu Workgroup (up to 5 calendars): $568.00 on sale for 25% off: $426.00


Calendar plus Zulu Enterprise (any number of calendars): $958.00 on sale for 25% off: $718.00