Help with some Logic

Discussion created by arthursc on Dec 25, 2011
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I need some help with a bit of logic. My scenario is thus;


Table A (Species) lists deer species. This is a read only table pre-populated and for this reason I do not want users to add or delete or amend this table.


Table B (Culls) lists details of culls. In this table I need to list the "species" culled selected from the table above but inserted from the table below.


Table C (Outings) lists outings a hunter may have done. This is where logging happens, Deer culled, sex, condition, wind direction etc.


The issue I have is that As Table A is read only, I cannot add the species to Table B from a Related field in Table C.


Is the best way to just created a "species_cull" table or find a better method.


Kind regards