Calculation operator working in reverse

Discussion created by RPaulH on Dec 22, 2011
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This is very weird. Today I had to create basically the same calculation in 5 tables. Here is a sample from 1 of the tables:


If(LeftWords(files_HOME ~ ID #::Company; 1) = "charter" and Date > 12/31/2011; 0; Amount Sum)


What is want is to display the Amount Sum unless the Company is "Charter" and the date is before 1/1/2012, in which case I want a zero. It works as pasted above, but as you can see the Date is looking for GreaterThan 12/31/2011 which should be the opposite of what I need. If I change it to LessThan 1/1/2012 it returns the opposite results and displays the data. It seems backwards. I have nothing in this table with a date beyond today.


Now here is another craziness, this is happening is 4 of the 5 tables I have this calc in. There is one table that didn't work like above, and I changed to what it should be (< 1/1/2012) and it is fine. Any ideas?


Everything here is FileMaker v11 Adv client & server with all current updates. My system and the OSX Server are both 10.6.8.