SQL Server Management Studio and FM issue

Discussion created by mcyrulik on Dec 27, 2011

Hey everyone,


I'm having an issue with a customer who is trying to query data from one of our FileMaker databases. He is trying to connect using SQL Server Management Studio. All my other text fields work just fine with the exception of one. It just happens that this is the largest one - on average about 1100 characters on each record.


He gets the following error in SQL Server Management Studio:


The OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "FM_DSN" supplied inconsistent metadata for a column. The column "Drum_Pail_Text" (compile-time ordinal 8) of object "TDS_Data" was reported to have a "DBCOLUMNFLAGS_ISLONG" of 128 at compile time and 0 at run time.


The field is set up to have a maximum number of characters of 1500.


Things we have tried so far:


1) removing the Max character limit

2) In the ODBC driver, checking the "Describe text fields as long varchar" checkbox


Not sure where to go next. Any thoughts would be appreciated.