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Text Formatting Bar

Question asked by TimGriffith on Dec 27, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2011 by TimGriffith

I am working with the current Filemaker Advanced 11 (v 11.Ov4)

I can't believe after working FMP for so many years I've never come across this problem...

When in layout mode there is a text formatting bar, allowing for font selection, size, color, style, etc.. How do I get this bar to show up in browse mode while not showing the entire status bar. I've checked preferences and found nothing related... In my script...


Show / Hide Text Ruler [Show]

Show / Hide Status Area [Lock;Hide]

Allow Toolbars [On]


Am I too close to the problem and missing something obvious?- I've investigated every script action (I think- like I said, I'm mired in this and may be missing it)...

...or is this something not possible in v11?