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    Text Formatting Bar


      I am working with the current Filemaker Advanced 11 (v 11.Ov4)

      I can't believe after working FMP for so many years I've never come across this problem...

      When in layout mode there is a text formatting bar, allowing for font selection, size, color, style, etc.. How do I get this bar to show up in browse mode while not showing the entire status bar. I've checked preferences and found nothing related... In my script...


      Show / Hide Text Ruler [Show]

      Show / Hide Status Area [Lock;Hide]

      Allow Toolbars [On]


      Am I too close to the problem and missing something obvious?- I've investigated every script action (I think- like I said, I'm mired in this and may be missing it)...

      ...or is this something not possible in v11?



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          The formatting bar is not a scriptable thing.  It's a user option.  They can select if they want to use it.


          It's one feature request I have put in, for sure.


          Edit: Correction...The toolbar will turn on and off using the Allow Toolbars script step, if you have selected the Formatting Bar from the View Menu.  If that option is not selected, nothing visible happens with the toolbar.  I vaguely remember having trouble with it working consistently in prior versions.  However, actually testing it in FMP 11...works just fine.  And since the option is stored with file, you can pre-select it and have it default to be enabled.  It is still something I would like to have a little be more control over.  But it does work ( at least until your user disables it in the View menu, and can't figure out what they did )

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            My general approach is to build the layout with the formatting bar in the on position and toggle its visibility by turning allow toolbars on and off.

            This, along with a button to toggle the status menu area's visibility on / off will give you independant control - allowing for any combo of status bar on / off and text formatting bar on / off.

            These are the only 2 bars I use (rulers are not a part of my world) so I cant vouch for the impact to the ruler's visibility but based on what you are describing, this should produce the ecoSystem you are after.

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              reelsteve wrote:

              ...These are the only 2 bars I use (rulers are not a part of my world) so I cant vouch for the impact to the ruler's visibility but based on what you are describing, this should produce the ecoSystem you are after.


              Hi folks,


              The ruler can be shown or hidden independently of the formatting bar, using the Show/Hide Text Ruler[ ] script command, so Tim's existing script should deal with that as is.


              The issue regarding the Formatting bar is that it must be manually selected first, in order for the Allow Toolbars[On] command to cause it to show. So, if users de-select it from the View menu while it's visible, it will no longer reappear automatically when your script enables it (the menu command will merely be enabled again so the user can re-select it).


              To deal with this, you could consider turning the formatting bar on manually, then installing a custom menu set in which the View>Formatting Bar command has been removed (or re-mapped), so that users have no way to disable it, leaving your script as the only way it can be controlled.





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                Thanks to all of you for your insightful responses. Combining all that was stated I chose the 'view formating bar' option, then created a menu set that removed that view option, then with each goto layout script I allowed tool bars on or off as needed. I marked all your posts as helpfull or correct. I could not find and option for awarding gold stars though...