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Concurrent user with static pages

Question asked by photoadjuster on Dec 26, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2011 by photoadjuster

After using FM Pro version 5 to serve up a few static web pages, for a long, long time, I now must upgrade to Windows 7 and FMP 11. In looking at the trial version of 11, I notice that to serve up static pages you add the iwp_home.html page to the web folder so that the IWP database selection page does not display to the user.


The question is :


What becomes of the five concurrent users limit when only serving up static pages?


Since the user is not connected to a FmPro database, but only receives a page from FMPro, is each page counted as one of the five, and if so, for what time frame. The older versions limited you to 10 unique users per day, base on IP addresses. What is the limit when serving up static pages using FmPro standard as a web server?



Mike Stephenson