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    Printing Documents of Variable Length


      I am putting together a database of business processes in order to systematize my business.


      My thought was to enter the processes as a record, eith category and tags to organize each business process.


      Ultimately, doing this electronically is a good idea because of FM's search abilities, and also because new processes are easily added or edited as the case warrants.


      But, I also would like a paper copy so that I send give a hard copy of processes to new employees to read and learn.


      Some processes are very short. others can run for 2 or 3 pages.


      My query is: I am not sure of a sensical and elegant way to accomplish this. IS there a way to set up a Report or Layout in FM that will print one page if dat is one page or less or will print multiple pages rather than cutting the "process" off prior to the entire description of the process being printed?


      Thanks so much for your reading an responding.



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          Scott -


          There are a few ways to do this:


          1) You can make the field cross multiple pages and slide up to remove extra space.

          2) You can use Conditional Formatting to reduce text size based on how much text is in the field (use the Length feature and multiple conditions).

          3) If these don't suit, there's a technique called the Virtual List technique. Basically, it involves using a List() function to parse the large text block into individual records and then printing those individual records instead of a single field. (I don't remember who came up with it originally - Bruce Robinson, maybe? - or I'd give the appropriate attribution.) It's a little tricky to understand, but I've attached a sample file.



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            If each paragraph is a single record you could do it. This would require more work though. There was a good example of this a couple years ago. Otherwise you create long layouts and have the fields shrink.