Why has a field overwritten its contents?!

Discussion created by sherrichung on Dec 28, 2011
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I have inherited old files that need to be updated, added to, and maintenanced. As I am a newbie at Filemaker, please do forgive my lack of accurate terminology regarding this program! I'm running into an big issue regarding a particular field that seems to become 'unlinked', or its contents have been replaced. I have a database that logs short pieces of music. I have each record linked to mp3 files. There is a field that has been created that directs a record to an mp3 in a separate folder outside of Filemaker. The contents of the field will appear to be nothing when it is properly linked to its mp3. But recently I opened up the program and all of the records are suddenly unlinked to their mp3's, that particular field reading either the words "This File Cannot Be Found." or it has the symbol "." The latter has happened before but only to some seemingly random files. I relinked them. But the "." symbol is new. Again, I have changed nothing within this field. I have been learning that there are many ways to input contents into a field on a global level (with no way to undo it), but I have done none of that (at least not knowingly). What would make the contents of every record in only one field change to one of two words/symbols, and seemingly on their own? Is there a way to undo this??!! All the old records I received now have this overwrite, as well as any new ones I have created. Thousands of records have been affected. I am, of course, assuming it is user error. Any ideas?? Thank you!


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