A better back button

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Dec 29, 2011
Latest reply on May 7, 2017 by BruceRobertson

Hello all and Merry Christmas!


I am looking to implement a better back button.


I have previously used BackMagic, which is good and it works, however, it requires a bit of overhead and I would have tought that now with script triggers being able to track onloayoutenter and exit, there would be a better, neater way of doing this?


I want both back and forward tracking and that would apply to being able to go back to a previous layout, then jump into any other layout, go back and I would return to the previous layout, then go forward and it returns me to the recently "jumped into" layout... does this makes sense?


I've tried a number of different techniques, all of them have 'management' issues, especially when adding the "jumped into" layout into the mix.

Has anyone else out there made use of these script triggers for this purpose? Any hints, suggestions clues on how to make a fairly generic navigation script that can handle all possible scenarios?