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Simplex method in FileMaker

Question asked by marco_terrile on Dec 29, 2011
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Hi everybody, this is my first post in the new forum...

(please excuse me for my bad english)


The question is: did anybody deal with the Simplex Algorithm?

The Simplex (not simple at all) created by G.B.Dantzig in 1947 is a linear programming method which makes possible to find an optimal solution among thousands of variables with hundreds of constraints in a limited number of iterations.

i found some programs in c, visual basic and java which can solve these problems. It is embedded in Excel Solver function too...

But i MUST to do it with FM (a required and necessary implementation in a solution :-( )

The goal is to find the right combination of, let's say, some ingredients of a recipe. Each ingredient has contents of various components (sugar, proteins, fats and so on).

Given a list of ingredients, a target (let's say 17% sugars, 6% fats, 10% proteins), and several constraints (i.e. ingredient A ≥ 10% and ≤ 30%; ingredient B ≥ 0% and ≤ 100%, ingredient C = 7%) the algorithm should give the amounts of the various ingredients to center the target, or at least get near to it...

The interesting thing is that it makes it all in a limited number of iterations: very quick...

I know it's a hard challenge.

Did anybody try it?