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New FM Developer seeking newbie tips...

Question asked by pedantic on Dec 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2012 by milanm

Hello all:


A couple of weeks ago (I have been on Christmas vacation since then) my boss came in and said, "Surprise! You just inherited the huge FM6 DocumentMaker project! Make yourself smart on Filemaker and then port the FM6 project to FM11!"


So I am attempting to "make myself smart" on FM6 and FM11. I purchased an FM6 book to help me out there, but I looked on Amazon and found only one FM11 book and from what I could tell, it did not address developer issues. I have five basic "starter" questions that need answering:


1.) What kind of problems will I encounter upgrading an FM6 project to FM11?


2.) Is there a FAQ associated with this site so that I can read it (I looked but could not find one)?


3.) Is there a good FM11 developers book that I can get my hands on? If not, will the FM10 books I have seen on Amazon fit the bill?


4.) The current FM6 project built on the Mac could produce runtime versions of a portion of the project for both Mac and Win platforms that we would then send out to our customers for their input. Can FM11 do the same? Can the Developer version of one platform (Win or Mac) produce runtime versions for both platforms(Win and Mac)?


5.) My preference is to develop on a Windows box (please, no comments from you Mac developers...grin) and the original project is built on the Mac. If I move the project to Windows, will I suffer from any particularly obnoxious difficulties?


If there are resources that I can read instead of bothering all of you busy guys and gals, I would be more than pleased to find the answers myself, but at the moment I feel kinda like the deer standing in the middle fo the road staring into the two bright lights heading my way and wondering if I should be frightened...that is I don't know where to turn to start looking. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.