Help with Merging records - FMP 11

Discussion created by newleaf67 on Dec 30, 2011
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This is going to be insultingly easy for someone, but it's 3:00 AM here and I am on a deadline...brain like mush.

I have about 600 records from my cilent database. They represent about 300 total clients, but the data set I have in imported from Quickbooks via Excel and I have a unique record for each JOB we did for that client. I have fields designated for each project, and now I want to combine all records for a given client into one.


What I have:

Record 1: Client A, Project A

Record 2: Client A, Project B

Record 3: Client A, Project C

Record 4: Client B, Project A

Record 4: Client B: Project C

Record 5: Client C: Project B

Record 6: Client C: Project C


and so on....


What I want:

Record 1: Client A, Project A, Project B, Project C

Record 2: Client B, Project A, Project C

Record 3: Client C, Project B, Project C


Thank you in advance. I've been using FMP for 20 years but I keep getting stupider....duhhhh