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Pop-up Menu not working when current record not visible?

Question asked by SEG-IT-Support on Dec 29, 2011
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I've just added a global field with a pop-up menu in the header of a layout in list view. I added a script trigger on the field that will just search the records depending on the category the user has chosen using that specific pop-up menu.


Everything works perfectly as far as the script trigger goes. The only issue I have is the following, when the user scrolls down the list of records and then tries to click on the pop-up menu while the current record is not visible, the popup seems to be completely disabled. Nothing happens when you click on it. If the user then decides to scroll back up until he sees the current record (or clicks on a visible record on the screen), the pop-up menu starts working again.


Is this normal?


( I can always use a drop-down list which works, but I would prefer keeping my pop-up menu. )