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    Is there a Developer willing to help with building a database?


      Hi i have a Security Company and am looking for a developer to help me build a database, with the possibilty of selling the finished product on to other security companies. Is there anyone out there willing to help with this? I would be more than happy to help develop the database with someone and for them to benifit from the finished product, ie they get all the profit from selling it on, i could also give you some leads to sell it on to.


      Hope someone can help me?

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          Of course we can help.


          I've sent you a message. If you log in and go to private messages you'll find it there.



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            As a developer forum, the majority of people here should be able to offer some level of service to you.  I would first suggest you look for developers in your area for better support and you can find them at http://developer.filemaker.com/search/    Some other questions you may have is whether you are happy with the standard SSL AES 256 bit encryption that comes with FileMaker Server or if you were looking at some special plugin to specially hash information two ways (much more complicated, but can be done).  Since FileMaker Server' standard AES 256 bit cipher is good enough for "Top Secret" at the US Federal government, it has been good enough for most of my customers.  I personally have some experience in putting together federal government database security plans and have experiences with NIST, FIPS, FISMA, OMB, and DHS requirements.  But there is no one who knows all of those requirements and unless you are the US Government, you probably don't need all of that.  If you're just a security company that needs a secure product via FileMaker Server, most FM Developers can help you out.  I have not worked on a private security company's database, but have quoted one out that was interesting where they were going to use iPhones and iPads for the security guards to check in on their rounds and make reports remotely from the field.  The company hasn't moved forward with that project, but it may be one I'll get to work on for 2012.