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FMGO and Importing Pictures from IPhone

Question asked by joannetbell on Dec 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2012 by joannetbell

I am Developing a Database with FM GO, my user with the IPhone, will either use it to Scan items in the warehouse or take several pictures of these items.

I use CNS barcodes for the scanning and that works great. What is the best way to import multiple pictures per job? I have a job table and a picutre table that relates to each job, multiple pictures per job. So, I currently have a portal on FM 11 that displays each job and then you go to a tab and look at a portal with all of the pictures for that job.

I have tried an import picture, but it is kind of slow and it replaces the picture that I currently have in that field. I use a script that goes to the Picture Field and then I do an Insert Picture. My problem is that it overwrites the first picture and does not add a new record. I am not sure the best way to do this on the IPhone/FMGO.


I would appreciate any suggestions.