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Custom fm port - srv dns record

Question asked by lavendt on Dec 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2012 by PSI

Hi all


I have a couple of fm servers, which should be accessibly from the internet.

I am only able to get 1 public ip address......

As they use port 5003 I have to do some port mapping in my router such as: -> ->


This works well, but I wanted to point a domain name to each server.... E.g.

However, normal A records just point to the ip address and takes no interest in ports.


I've found that it should be possibly to create an srv record that point to a specific port. I have tried, but can not get it to work....

In a srv record, you need the service name, which I think should be fmpro-internal. I am just not sure that FM checks the srv record...



Do you know whether FM checks for srv record info ?

Do you have any good ideas to other ways to do this ?