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    calculation of value list of month numbers-unexpected results


      Hello List,


      Perhaps I did this long ago and forgot how --


      Address toggle based on value list of month numbers in a check box formatted field. Value list 1 through 12, carraige returns between each of them.

      Calculation display address field something like > If ( PatternCount(checkbox field; Month(Get(CurrentDate))) > 0 ; address_one; address_two)

      Problem: It is January, month #1. If 1, 10, 11, or 12 are checked, it is treating it as though the 1 in those other numbers is the same as the single digit 1.

      How does this go again? I tried GetAsNumber and stuff like that. Maybe I need a repeating field with 12 value lists?

      Thanks for the help,

      Laura Z.