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    FMSA 11 Log viewer - top secret information




      can onyone help me tp unravle the top secret information in FMSA 11 Log viewer entries?
      No Filemaker documentation will tell us what these entries really mean and how we can use the content for troubleshooting.


      3 examples (fictional ip addresses):

      - Ins001 "/fmi/iwp/data.jpg?-containerfield&-recid=419821&-field=149(1).419821" 200 1551 - Mmka002"/fmi/iwp/data.jpg?-containerlayobj&-lay=18&-index=84" 200 1178 - - "/fmi/iwp/res/iwp.js" 200 2623



      1. Why is there no username in Line 3 like in lones 1 and 2 (Ins001, etc) ?

      2. Why does line 1 refer to data.jpg?-containerfield and line 2 to data.jpg?-containerlayobj ?

      3. Can the index=84 be related to a specific record and - if so - how?

      4. What is the meaning of the 4 digits at the end of each line ? Can these be related to a specific and - if so - how ?

      5. What is the meaning of the 419821&-field=149(1).419821 value in line 1, what does the (1) extension mean ?


      To Filemaker: please improve the documentation on this topic.



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          This is all guesswork but here is what I think the log is trying to tell you:


          The first example relates to a specific field in your database, the record ID is 419821 and the field ID is 149, I guess the bracketed 1 means either it only has one repetition or it is the first repetition that has caused the problem.  I guess 200 refers to the error code, in this case 'Record access is denied' but I can't explain the last four-digit code.


          The second example refers to a specific layout object, in this case a container on layout 18, object 84?  Assuming 200 is the error code I would suggest the underlying field is the same as the first error.


          The third example is a mystery and appears to relate to a java applet.


          To answer most of your questions:


          1. Assuming the IP matches the previous entry I guess this is related to the Mmka002 user.

          2. Because the first line is an error generated by trying to access the container field, perhaps through a script and the second relates to a specific object on a layout.

          3. I don't think it relates to a specific field, I think it is the index of the object on the 18th layout.

          4. I'm as mystified as you

          5. 419821 is the record ID (recid=) 149 is the field ID and I think (1) is the repetition number.


          Hope this helps



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            Hi Michael,


            Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts, it always helps.


            1. I guess that there is no name in the log record if this is a server based script ...

            2. The strange thing is that there is no container at all on this layout, so maybe this has to do with a containter on a related record or so....

            5. I think your are right about 419821 etc. It is a pity that there is no next step possible to get to my specific application record.


            I also asked the Filemaker helpdesk and even they have to do further study to give the answer.
            If I get their response I will forward it to this forum.


            Thanks again



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              Hello again,


              I'm curious now and so I fetched a copy of the log from our web server, looking through it I have numerous references like your second and third examples relating to user activity.  Having looked at the log in conjunction with our database, the second example you posted is a reference to the user accessing a fixed graphic object rather than a container field, this became obvious as in some cases there were as many as five references to containers where there were no containers on the layout and they are a mixture of /fmi/iwp/data.gif and /fmi/iwp/data.jpg (for some reason we have a solitary gif image in the corner of every screen and everywhere else we have used jpeg images).


              Having worked this out I think the format of the second entry is as follows:


              <ip address>:0     -     <username>     <timestamp>     "fmi/iwp/data.<imagetype>?-containerlayobj&-lay=<layout number>&-index=<layout object index number>" 200 <size of object>


              In this case I don't know what the 200 refers to but every entry in the log appears to end with 200 <size of object>, it would seem that my previous assumption regarding the error number is definitely incorrect.


              EDIT - 200 is an HTTP status code, it simply means 'OK' so all this log entry tells us is that a graphic object was served correctly to the user's browser.


              In the case of the log from our server (FMSA 11v3) the entries following the jpeg/gif entries roughly match your third example and refer to Filemaker default graphics/css files/javascript objects being pre-loaded to the user's browser.


              As the log file is called wpa_access_log.txt I suspect these entries are nothing to worry about, I found the Publishing Engine log within the Server Administration Console to be a more useful source of potential errors when debugging.


              This still doesn't explain the reference to the field in your first example but my log is 300+mb so it will take a lot of digging through!