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FM PHP getValueList with special characters

Question asked by taylorsether on Jan 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2012 by JoelShapiro

I have a table which holds my brand names and I have created a value list from this table of brand names. These brand names contain special characters such as "&" and " ' ".


For example:

John & Jane Smith's Goods

Bob & Tony Doe's Foods


I am using the following to get my values...

$var = $layout->getValueList('brands');


When I print the array I get the following...

JohnJohn & Jane Smith's Goods

Bob & Bob & Tony Doe's Foods


I have tried addslashes and stripslashes which works but I still get the repeating strings per value. I tried a hardcoded valuelist with special characters and get the same result. It seems the array is the problem.


Has anyone else run into this? I have searched online and have come up with no fixes. Thanks in advance!