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Installing FMS 11 on Mac OS X Server fails

Question asked by sdnz on Jan 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by Anatole Beams



When I try to install FMS 11 (version fms_11.0.4.404) on my Mac OS X server, the "before you begin" and "licence" windows are blank (i.e. no text) but the licence asks me to "agree" before I can proceed. Once the key is entered, the installation fails saying that "Filemaker Server 7 is installed. To Upgrade to version 11, follow the instructions in the getting started guide". If I try to save the licence or print it, the installer crashes.


Screen Shot 2012-01-04 at 9.38.01 AM.png


I've never had any versions of Filemaker Server on the Mac before but do have Filemaker 11 pro installed which works fine.


I believe that the fms_11.0.4.404.dmg is ok because when I copy it to another Mac running standard OS X, the installation works fine (the licence text appears and the rest of the installation works with no problems). I've also downloaded the .dmg a couple of times to ensure it wasn't corrupt.


Any help would be appreciated.


Screen Shot 2012-01-04 at 9.48.51 AM.png