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    Upside Down Pictures


      I've developed an app for a user that has been working fine for the past few months. It has a specific container field for photos and they have been using the built-in camera, and adding pics from the photo library on the device. I made some modifications to the app before the holidays but didn't touch the parts that dealt with photos. We also rolled it out to a few more iPads. Each device was working fine with the test records we created.


      I received a call from them today and one of the users was trying to add pictures to the container field from the Photo Library on the iPad and the photos are being displayed in FM Go upside down. When the user looks at the photo in the Photo app on the iPad, they appear right side up. Any ideas on why this might be happening? Is there a way to rotate an image inside of a container field while in FM Go?

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          Hi Oakbridge,


          I'm a brand new iPhone user so I have no experience to draw upon but I encountered the upside down photos with my iPhone 4S right away.  They do not appear upside down on the iPhone itself but if you send them to a Windows computer for instance, they are upside down.


          I think the problem is with the new dual function volume-up button in iOS5.  In prior versions the volume-up button was only that; a volume-up button.  But with iOS5 that button also acts as the shutter release when the camera is operational.  Since most people are right handed they use their right index finger on the volume up button to take the picture but this places the camera upside down from what was done in the past.


          I read on MacRumors (I think) that this isn't really a problem with iOS5, it's more a problem with the photo viewer -- in my case Windows Picture Manager. From what I hear the iPhone captures metadata about the camera's orientation and embeds it in the jpg file. Applications should be using this metadata to render the photo properly but some obviously don't.


          I resolved the problem by simply not using the volume-up button to take pictures.

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            These specific pictures are not from the device. These are pictures that have been brought in from another digital camera using the Camera Connection Kit.


            I've been able to do a bit more research. Most cameras store the orientation of a photo in the Exif data. It appears that FileMaker and FM Go uses this data and that's why when I put in a picture that was taken in Portrait mode, FM Go displays it correctly and not on it's side.


            I'm trying to get access to the original files that were used by this user to see if the orientation data is valid on them.

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              I spoke too soon. DLarsen you were on to something.


              I found out in a subsequent email from the customer that the pictures that are causing problems were taken with an iPhone and emailed to the iPad. I thought that they had been taken using a point & shoot digital camera.


              The iPhone is the culprit.


              I just ran a series of tests taking pictures with my iPhone and sending them to my iPad where I tried adding them to the container field.


              For some reason, the orientation is not being recorded correctly. Two pictures that I took holding my camera in portrait mode are being flipped sideways by FM Go. A picture that I took with the volume/shutter button on the top got flipped upside down, inside FM Go. A picture that I took with the volume/shutter button on the bottom was shown correctly.


              All of these pictures are displaying correctly in the photo viewer on both the iPhone and the iPad.

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                2 Years Later and Filemaker has not fixed this problem in Filemaker 12....but, in Filemaker 13 works correctly.


                Should Filemaker Inc. not be held responsible for fixing the bug in an update to 12? How could they ship a product that contained such a serious problem? And then never fix it?

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                  What advantage would there be to continue using FileMaker Go 12 instead of FileMaker Go 13, especially if 13 fixes a serious problem?

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                    I use the Monkey Bread Software plugin to do image manipulation including rotation.  And while you can't have a plugin on FM Go, with "Perform on Server", it works just fine as long as the plugin is installed on the server.  I do this a lot for checks that get scanned in and have a rotate button next to the graphic.

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                      FileMaker seems to have fixed this problem with FileMaker Pro 12 in FileMaker Pro 13.


                      The best answer is to upgrade. Note that using a plug in to rotate the photo will cause a problem in the app that displays them correctly. so, add a second container field to hold the rotated graphic.


                      Then use a global calc field to display the image:


                      If ( rotated graphic; rotated graphic ; original graphic )


                      You can always empty the rotated graphic container or delete it, etc.


                      It is also interesting to find that IOS photos are square with the option in 8 to take a square photo. This solves all the problems, doesn't it.