Popup Menu to change layouts/Script Triggers?

Discussion created by brynley on Jan 4, 2012
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Evening all,


I have a solution that has a lot of buttons to navigate to different sections of the solution. But there are quite a few sections thus lots of potential buttons.


I have created a Popup Menu (global in a globals file) in each layout that has the list of sections (layouts) defined in a Value List. I have a Script Trigger attached (on modify) and the script basically says:


if gLayoutChoose = "Clients"

go to Layout "Clients

set field gLayoutChoose "Clients" ((**This is done to ensure that the gLayoutChoose always contains a value and is not blank - this is the main issue)

else if ...





Which works...sort of...


There are 2 issues I am having - the first is that the gLayoutChoose does not "hold" the current value. So sometimes the user sees a blank default menu (therefore they say "oh click in the white part?") - doh! If they click it they see the standard values I want them to see - it is just annoying that it does not stay stuck!


Second as there are a number of layouts the if-else-if script is getting rather long! (altho this is not a real concern - but i bet there is a "smarter way" of handling this)


This pop-up menu will suit the purpose really well - if I can get it working!


I did see an example file several yrs ago that did this and worked - can I find? Can I hell is like! John Mark Osborne does one that uses a pop-up list (not a menu) and a "go to" button. But a pop-up menu would suit better.


If anyone can stop me from drinking cheap wine by the cask...


Guidance would be appreciated....