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Question asked by hopkins on Jan 4, 2012
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As noted on my profile, I am a Records Manager. In my working experience in the records management business discipline, I have used various records management software (RMS) packages, all on PCs. For my own personal purposes, I use a Mac and have enjoyed building personal use databases on FileMaker Pro for many years. On investigating the RMS market, I find a plethora of products for PCs and a real dearth of products for Macs (only two, see my research, attached). Being knowledgeable in Records Management and comfortable with FileMaker Pro for my own use, I decided I should fill the void in RMS products for Mac and build an RMS package to distribute (being developed with FileMaker Pro, it could also serve the PC market even though my own emphasis is to serve the Mac market). I have the records management professional knowledge but the difference between developing for personal purposes and for market distribution, my own health, and other issues slow my progress. I really could do with a partner to share in the project with me. Would this interest another developer out there in the FileMaker Development Community?