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Apple Script - cell data from query

Question asked by greginchrist on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by greginchrist

This works...

cell "Customer_CompanyEntity::CustomerCode" of current record



This does not any ideas why not?

set flexJobNumber to text returned of (display dialog "Please Scan The Job Ticket" default answer "11103103")

cell "Customer_CompanyEntity::CustomerCode" of (every record whose cell "jobNumber" = flexJobNumber)




NOTE: The following is not supper relevent, I just want to try to avoid some advaice that will not pertain



FYI this also give me a number of lists. I use this line in diffent contexts. I use this to bring up the record corisponding to our job number.

every record whose cell "jobNumber" = flexJobNumber



And yes each statment is wrapped in


tell application "FileMaker Pro"

tell database "myDbName"

each code goes here

end tell

end tell



I have also tryed first doing the AppleScript equivilent of command "J" before each line... IE.



do menu menu item "Show All Records" of menu "Records"

end try