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FileMaker Certification Training

Question asked by datarunner on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by datarunner

Hi All,


I'd love to get input from you veteran FM developers and FM certified developers out there. I've been working as an in-house developer for a year (this is just a portion of my job), I had never used FM before I came to my present employer, however I have an IT backgroud and my undergraduate degree is in information systems so I have a pretty solid base. FM was not difficult to learn, however I'm the only resource of my type at my employer and since I'm self-taught on the tool I feel as though there are areas I'm missing and a lot of things I could be much better at. I have a few questions:


1) Do most people go through a formal week-long certification training before taking the certification exam?

2) Do you feel being certified does anything for you?

3) Do you think it's necessary to go through formal training before taking the exam, or is it do-able to study on your own from the training manual and pass?

4) Are there any suggestions for where to take the week-long certification track training?

5) How much is a reasonable fee to pay for this training?

6) I've only been able to find 1 company that does the certification training that guarantees a passing grade on the exam, why can't I find more? Is it just not sought out?


Thanks in advance for your input - any guidance is much appreciated!