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Average Calculations based on Person

Question asked by user12569 on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by user12569

I am a bit embarrassed to ask this question, but I have been trying for two hours now to make the solution:


Have a single table ith 20000 records. One field is Name. There are a few thousand unique names and the same name will show up four times or so within the dataset. I need to average a field called Amount based on the Person.


So, Jesse is there 4 times with amounts of 20,10,30,20 Well, that average would be 80/4 =20, but I cannot for some reason get it to calculate the average based on any records in the dataset whose name is Jesse.


Furthermore, I would like it to just see which name is in the active record and then get the average based on the name of the Active record. i.e. look for all instances of 'Jesse' in this case, pull the numbers for Jesse and do the avg. calc.


I did get a portal on here, but I need it to average the numbers in the portal basically is another way of putting it.


Thanks in advance for thoughts.