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Merge Fields - format anomaly by a nit picker

Question asked by DaveRawcliffe on Jan 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by paulspafford

To All,


<< TEXT>>


I have a lot of layouts that display a concatenated Merge "text & number" Fields.


I hope this is not just me and I may be of my rocker.


But, It has been understood since pre .fp7.

That the leading merge field "<" as set, controls the format of "TEXT" to last ">" be it Style, Size, Font, Color, etc..

And That Any Item past the last ">" stands upon it's own entered format.


This is all well and good & works in most all situations, However, try this 4 part string:


Text <<TestField>>AlphaNumeric OtherText


[1] "Text" - the word

[2] <<TextField>> (Any Table Field)

[3] AlphaNumeric (An immediately trailing character (no space) )

[4] "OtherText" - the word


Written Merge Display String

Text <<TestField>>: OtherText


The Merge Field [2] & the trailing AlphaNumeric [3] is set to BOLD or any Other Format.


Expected result is:

Text TestField: OtherText ( [2] & [3] are Bold )


Actual result Is:

Text TestField: OtherText ( Only [3] is Bold )


The trailing [3] now controls [2]


Please Note; that if there is a space between [2] and [3] the problem does not exist, but that is not grammatically correct.


I know this is a Nit Pick, but when I write a text string I would hope it would show what I wrote.


Hope this is clear & I have not missed something,


Dave Rawcliffe