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Can FM Go print using the Printer Pro App?

Question asked by disabled_JohnWolff on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by disabled_JohnWolff

Hi All,


One of my proposed databases which is intended for FMGo on an iPad2 will require some interim output to a printing device -- ideally a thermal receipt printer but at present any of these with a wireless interface are too expensive to be feasible.


I have just downloaded the Printer Pro Lite app and it has delivered a test page to a laser printer connected via USB to my desktop Mac. When I tried to print a record from an FMGo project. the printing failed with a message saying that "The printer was no longer available." I'm not sure if that message pertained to the printer I'd set up with Pront Pro Lite, but the developer's documentation leads me to believe that I would likely need the full version of Printer Pro in order to have printing from another app.


Does anyone have some experience with this or another App that make printing possible from an ordinary laser printer?


Thanks in advance,


John Wolff

Hamilton, NZ