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Import from another Filemaker file

Question asked by aalbert on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by johan

Hi to all of you!


I'm a new user of Filemaker and I have been developing a huge database (more than 100 tables). I have been investigating about all the relationships, creating layouts and programming scripts and I didn't have problems until now.

I have a question for anyone who can help me. I'm sharing copies of my database with other partners from other countries, who use it to enter data. But when I want to import their data from a Filemaker file (like USR,done with "Save a copy as" from script steps), I'm asked for user and password as many times as tables I have in my database. Is there anyway to import all the data in my main database, without entering user and password so many times?

I tried to do exporting as Excel, and I did it, but it's disgusting because anyone can see this information, and we don't want that...

Any suggestion will be welcome.

Thanks in advance!!