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Setting up Mac server with internet access?

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Jan 9, 2012
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One of my clients is setting up two Mac Os X10.7 server to provide services with internet access. What software should be running on a Mac to protect it from threats on the internet? A firewall and router are already in place and currently protect the Windows based servers currently in use. These will stay with modifications to allow access to the new servers.


For background, the new main server is a Mac Pro and will be running Aqua Connect terminal services and possibly Parallels server version with two "cloned" virtual windows servers. The windows servers already have protection setup and are currently running as hardware versions. After things go live the hardware versions of the windows servers will be retired.


The second Mac server will be running FileMaker server as it's only service. This will include Web services to support FileMaker server. Currently the databases don't use IWP or an internal web interface. Access to the FileMaker server will on the Lan and provided to either local computers or the terminal server. Remote (WAN) access will come through the terminal server.


Thanks much

Bruce Herbach