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    Start up script when opening file for data import?


      Is it possible for a start up script to determine that the file is being opened so that data in the file can be imported into another file? I have a file that is part of a large file set. As new versions of the file are developed, I have to import the existing data into the new version. The issue is that this is not the main file in the set and the startup script does a a fair amount of work adn tries to open the main file if it is opened. When I need to do this, currently I open the file and disable the startup script, then close, and open the new main version. Then finally I can do the import. I would like to have the startup script determine that it has been opened so that the data can be imported by another file and cancel the rest of the startup script.



      Bruce Herbach

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          One way: at the end of the startup script you can set a global variable $$init to 1. At the beginning of the startup script, you can test for this value.


          Bruce Robertson

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            Hi Bruce,


            Thanks much,  this was helpful,  but the root problem turned out not to be the statup script.  The issue was that the file was looking for the rest of the files in the set.  The startup script looks for them,  so first thought  was that this was source of the problem.   However when I disabled the script it was still looking for the rest of the files.  Then the light came on.  It was the relationship graph that was forcing it to look for the other files when it opened.


            So final solution is to either copy all of the files to a folder then do the import or just hit cancel each time it asks for one of the other files.  At the moment the files are fairly small so copy all is works well.  


            Bruce Herbach