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    Can't access DB with php after Lion Server upgrade


      We have been developing a php (FX.php) based site that is suddenly giving problems after the Lion Server upgrade. Both the DB (FMSA and site files are on the server (OS X 10.7.2). I know Lion changed the default location for the website folder but this should not affect the php page access, should it? The php is set to go to the server via the local ip with good credentials (all still active and working withing FMP). I can manuall access the site login page in both the old SL Server location and Lions' location but neither authenticates. This is the first I have dealt with Lion Server so maybe someone can shed some light on this.

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          Welcome to the club. I still regret purchasing a Lion Server Mac-mini this fall. It took me many hours just to get my FM PHP service running again, and I don't really understand how I did it. I tried to get help from Apple's Server support people and they were not very helpful. I paid FileMaker for extra special help and did not get a clear answer there, either.


          I (and other people; see the Macworld magazine review) feel that Lion Server is half-baked. Its documentation is inadequate and there are unexpected changes. Just today my IT director and I began discussion of downgrading our machine to regular Lion. We asked ourselves, why do we need Server is we just want FM Server and Apache/PHP? (I would prefer to just use Snow Leopard Server, but this newer Mac-mini requires Lion.)


          My advice to anyone who wants to run web on OS X Server: Stick with Snow Leopard for now, if you can. Lion is not ready.



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            Gary, thanks for the reply but my solution was a reinstall of FMSA yesterday afternoon. It reinstalled the flavor of php that it needed and is humming along. I feel your pain on upgrading but this one has actually been great for us. ( except for the php issue, which was minor at this time) The features in Lion Server that were not in SL Server are right up our alley, but I do agree that documentation is a joke. All in all I have to say thumbs up!