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FMS11, Backup Speed Issues

Question asked by geeksharka on Jan 10, 2012
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Greetings all,


One of my clients is running a fairly large Filemaker ERP solution on a dedicated machine on their office LAN. We recently moved them from FMS9 to FMS11, and all is working well, including their attached CWP site(s). Their system is used 24/7 by anywhere from 3 to 8 people at a time. No other specs where changed at all during that process.


All is well, except that their hourly scheduled backup has gone from taking around 1-2 minutes, to around 4-5 minutes each time -- causing a noticeable drag on the users experience whilst running the backup.


My question is, has anyone else noticed any backup slowdowns after upgrading to FMS11? I'm guessing not, but just wanted to throw that out there before I start down other paths.


Many thanks -- all feedback is appreciated.