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    Personal Document Repositories


      I have been steadily at work creating my personal document repository of how-tos, scripts, and custom functions. I have been wanting to share in the Technical Resource Center but it is pretty much crippled and subject to FileMaker administration for some strange reason. The newest information is 4 months old there at present.


      I have decided that my personal documents is a better place for the FileMaker developer community.The problem is that most of us don't know when we've created new documents unless we announce them. I'm not sure how many folks watch the new titles as they come out by browsing the documents.


      So I wanted to solicit others to contribute interesting documents in their personal repository, and at the same time share mine. Here is a current list of my document titles of some of my favorite and useful things. I continually add more, and these are open for comment and contribution. They even have links because I copied them off my documents page!


      FileMaker Integration With Skype Made Easy


      FileMaker Integration with Autograph Signature Capture Software


      FileMaker Integration With Growl Notifications


      Integration of Medical Laboratory Instruments Using RS232 Serial Connections


      Leap Year Custom Function


      SubstituteOccurrence Custom Function


      Age Calculation in Years, Months, & Days. Custom Function


      Code128 Custom Function. Barcodes On A Budget.



      I also have a Curriculum Vitae there but that is probably not very interesting.


      If you have documents in your repository, I would love to know about your stuff as I am sure everyone would. Hope you'll share!


      Warmest regards,


      Ron Smith, MD