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Max (date) from multiple tables

Question asked by holbrowa on Jan 9, 2012
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I'm trying to create a calculation that will set a field with the maximum date from 2 other related tables. I've tried this:


Case (SL_PD = "Yes" or MAPC_Transfer = "Yes"; Max (MA_Charting_2011::SV_Last_Done; MA_Charting_2012::SV_Last_Done); Max (${SL_Charting_2011}::SV_Last_Done; SL_Charting_2012::SV_Last_Done))


but the results are the max date from MA_Charting_2012 or the first date from MA_Charting 2011. Can anyone help me figure out why the calculation is not working and/or point me in a better direction?