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    FileMaker Server Admin tool "hangs" when closing file


      Just experienced this issue. When closing files on server via FM Admin tool, the files says "closing" and nothing happens. I have waited up to 15 minutes and no change. The only remedy I found was to re-open Database, log in and log out which closed the files on server Admin. Experienced similar issue when opening files on server. Status will get stuck in "opening" mode. Remedy then would be to stop Filemaker Server Services on the server, re-start Server.

      Restarting server helps but this is not a good long-term solution. Did anyone else experience this issue with FileMaker Server 11 or Advance 11?




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          Hello, Azhar.


          Yes, this is something we've seen. Some possible causes:


          1) Users who are disconnected suddenly due to network or power blips. This can cause Server to think they're still attached, or sometimes can cause database corruption that causes Server to be unable to close databases gracefully.


          2) Databases with large turnover - large numbers of records that are replaced with delete / import operations. This sometimes causes indexes to become corrupted, which can cause the database to hang and fail validation (which can cause the server to throw a fit).




          1) Check network connections. Make sure your networks are reliable. Replace questionable hardware.


          2) Check the logs for events where users are being disconnected. If you see a significant number of these, you may have issues.


          3) Run a Recover on the database (use a backup and don't put the recovered copy into production). What you're looking for is the log file that's created during the process. See if there are any errors or warnings. These can indicate problems with the database structure.


          This is just off the top of my head. Let us know if there are other indications.



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            Thank you Mike.  This is really helpful.  I will try your recommendations.  If I find anything interesting, I will share it here so other can use it as well.