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    Printing Stops in Windows 7


      I have a client who is running Windows 7 Professional and Filemaker Pro 11v3.


      I have printing scripts set up and these work fine and then stop. If the client restarts FileMaker the printing scripts will work again until they stop.


      Once a print script fails all other print scripts will fail including those that were working minutes before.


      Has anyone else encountered this? Any ideas how this can be fixed?


      Thanks Martin

      cc to crossmanredi@rogers.com appreciated.

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          I have some issues at our work place with print setup restores with windows domain printers, especially when changing printer in the script from the current default printer. Windows Vista & 7 has these issues, which causes FMP to lock up and one has to do an end task to close and restart. I contacted FM tech about this they never could find a solution. With Win7 I place FMP in compatibility mode (Windows 2008 (Service Pack 1)) which corrects the issue. You could use Windows XP (Service Pack 3) for the compatibility mode but if Win7 has UAC turned on I found that if you have a script to send attachments with Outlook the script fails with a non-descript error.


          Hope this is Helpful.