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    Project List


      I am trying to develop a project list in filemaker with the contact database. All of our projects are listed by client. I was trying to figure out a way to do that. i have gotten stuck with the relationship database stuff. i am just at a total lost. Can anyone offer some help or guidence?

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          I think we can help you out better if you have specific questions.


          I assume you are using the Contact Management starter database? If you are take a look at the notes tab, script, table, and relationsihp works. You can probably model the project list off of that as a starting place.

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            Hi Susan,


            You need two tables.

            1) Clients

            2) Projects


            In the client table there has to be a primary key field (such as an auto-enter serial number) for each record. Example pk_id

            Ofcourse you can add all the other desired fields as well.


            In the projects table you need a foreign key (example fk_clientid)

            Now you can make a relationship in the graph from Clients::pk_id to Projects::fk_client_id

            It will be a one-to-many relationship (one client can have more projects)


            When you create layout from clients and you add a portal with the projects you can see de different projects for that client.


            BTW is the Filemaker Training Series not usefull to yo? I'm trying it myself and learning every day.


            I hope this is helpfull to you.