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      I need to know if you can resize the screen size from 100% to 125%... Currently my only option is 150% which is to much.

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          unfortunatly not, this is FMP showing its age. ( Perhaps v12 )

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            You could probably be well off investigating the Autosizing option of layout objects and combine this with some Conditional Formatting based on the window size. Just a suggestion.

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              I would totally agree. 125% would be the ideal option; I recently gave a demo of the database where 125% would have been perfect, but I was forced to show the database at 150% and scroll to show all of the features.

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                I would very much like to see some examples and/or white paper illustrating how to best leverage the "autosizing" feature (whereby layout objects can be "pinned" in various directions so they expand and contract based on window size). So far, I've experimented a little and not found any satisfactory result / appropriate application, hopefully because I'm not doing it right. For instance, how do I allow fields within a portal to expand or shrink in width as desired?


                Your idea about conditionally formatting the actual text size is intriguing, and addresses the inability to increase or decrease font size in conjunction with resizing a window.

                I can't wait to try that.




                -- Erik