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    attach supercontainer file to email


      I am trying to attach a supercontainer file to an email

      my platform is MacOS, but also it will be done on Windows PC.


      my script...


      Set Variable [ $baseurl; Value:SCSetBaseURL(PREFS::gDefaultFilePath) ]

      Set Variable [ $download; Value:SCDownload(DOCS::SC_cResourceIdentifier; Get(DesktopPath)) ]

      Set Variable [ $filepath; Value:"file:" & Get(DesktopPath) & LeftValues(SCGetInfo(DOCS::SC_cResourceIdentifier); 1) ]

      (i tried with both the "file:" and without in front)

      Send Mail [ Send via E-mail Client; Attachment: “$filepath” ]


      I really want the file to download in the temporary folder, but changed to DesktopPath so I could see if the file was downloaded.

      The file downloaded on the desktop once, but I could not open it, and it didn't attach to the email.

      Otherwise, I see the "Downloading" scroll bar, but the file never appears on the desktop or in the email.


      I also tried to see if there was an error by displaying it in a dialog box, but it was blank.


      Any help is much appreciated!