International use - country / language settings

Discussion created by rmartens on Jan 12, 2012
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I work for an international insurance company and FileMaker so far has only been used by our Canadian offices (it is used there for reporting, to issue quotes, broker statements, as a marketing database etc.). As the Canadian solution is really successfull and time-saving I was asked to start to set up something similar for our European market. The respective file was created by my Canadian colleagues and myself in the Toronto office. When I open it in Germany, the keyboard set-up is Canadian, e.g. no German special characters can be entered. Would somebody be able to tell me whether this set-up is connected to the file or whether the local country setting can somehow be amended so that the German users (and at a later stage the French, Italian, Spanish) will be able to use the same file with their respective country settings?


Does someone of you have experience with the international usage of FileMaker? If we decide to introduce FileMaker in Europe, this would affect 11 offices in 9 countries. The Canadian colleagues and I have already put some calculations / scripts / tables into place that should be able to deal with the different currencies, languages, date and number formats but so far we were only able to test them in Canada and we have no idea whether the country settings will have an impact and what we need to bear in mind when we continue developing.


I appreciate your feedback.