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    Exporting jogs from container


      Any tips to export a container (image jpg file) and have it rename with a field name from the same record and repeat this for all the found records

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          You could could use a simple Loop like this



          Set Variable ($file ; "filewin:/c:/" & FieldName & ".jpg")

          Export Field Contents(ContainerField ; $file)

          Go To Record Request Next(Exit After Last)

          End Loop

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            Assuming you have a found set of records that you wish to perform this action on you will need to create a looping script that starts from the first record and then places the export file path into a variable that includes a field from the current record, then proceeds to the next record and repeats until it gets to the last record.


            Here's a simple version that should point you in the right direction - it's exporting the container field to the desktop using the Name field as the file name. You would probably change the location of the export and also the field you are including:




            As I say it's a simple example that you can hopefully work from - I'm not doing any error checking etc.





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